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Pat Dobie

I’m a professional editor, a writer and a writing teacher. I’ve edited both literary and commercial fiction (including historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, romance and erotica, middle grade, young adult). I’ve also edited short stories, plays, essay collections and memoirs.

pat_dobie_3I have an MFA in Writing from Pacific University (rated one of the top 3 low-residency programs by Poets & Writers). At Pacific I was mentored by some of America’s finest writers.

I have an abiding interest in the craft of writing and am continually deepening my engagement with it. In Sept. 2016 I was a June Dodge Fellow in fiction at Mineral School, a wonderful creative retreat in Mineral, WA. My professional development in editing is ongoing via EFA courses and conferences–most recently, Book Mapping for Developmental Editors, with the incredible Heidi Fiedler (2015).

For more about my writing, visit me at www.patdobie.com

Pat Dobie provided so much intelligent insight that I’m mostly kind of just luxuriating in that. This is a lovely thing, having a clearer understanding of the holes in the story—where they are and what they are asking to be filled with. I really like Pat’s pacing suggestions and am trying to stick to them. Sometimes it’s very hard to cut, but the end result is that much stronger.
Charles G, Writer (Germany)

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Doug Harrison

I am a writer, editor, teacher, and musician. I have a degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, ranked among the top forty universities in the world, and a degree in Education from Simon Fraser University.

I’m passiDH headshot 2onate about literary fiction old and new, as well as horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and humor. Within all of these genres, I cherish character-driven stories supported by a developmental arc. Exploring the inner workings of such creations is an ongoing adventure for me.

Since 2002 I’ve been honing my craft with short stories, a novel, poetry, and song lyrics that fuse my writerly-obsession with my love of music (visit my music at Fen and Slug Comparison).

In writing groups and workshops I’ve traded feedback with some fantastic creators, including novelist and fellow editor Pat Dobie, notable author Matt Rader, and poet Elizabeth Bachinsky.

I’ve heard before that working with an editor can be eye-opening, and it truly is. The structure of this book bothered me from the beginning and Doug pointed out all the things that I doubted (and more!) and asked all the right questions. It was my first book, I spent so much time on it and I couldn’t figure out how to make it better. Doug helped me look outside of the box. Thank you, Doug, for your amazing work!
KM, Writer

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